Need advice on three drives



Hi everyone;

I’m next to buy a DVD rewriter. There are a few options to choose:

Sony DW-10A (I suppose it is DW-U10A, am I wrong?)
Pioneer DVR106
Nec ND-1300A

I’ve heard that the Sony drive is the OEM version of other model, maybe the DRV500A, but it has not firmware support (bad).

The main pourpose of acquiring the drive is backing up the helly expensive games of my XBOX and PS2 and use the copies, because I know what it means to trash a brand new game (Devil May Cry, for example) because me and my brother are not kind of handy with these discs and always get heavily scratched.

My PS2 has is already modded, nor my XBOX (in a few weeks)… But the thing is: Wich drive will work fine? Better +/- drive for backing up?

Thank you so much.


I would suggest you buy a Pioneer DVR106, because I would do it if I had to choose again.
The Pioneer has good quality burns and is cheaper than a Sony.
I’am a little bit disappointed about my Sony because it will not burn all of my Princo’s at 4x (I have not had a bad burn with my Princo’s, it is cheap and good).
And Sony does not solve the problems with Princo, and you will have no probems with your Pioneer DVR106.

So good luck with your Pioneer :smiley: !


I’m planning on getting Pioneer this week. Reliability is what I want. good burns, great media compatibility. This is why I’m getting it.


The Pioneer DVR-106 is not +/- ??? Oh God!! I was pretty sure it was!!!

I cheked out the Pioneer home page and the model there, the A06U, is +/-… And, thinking A06 is the same than 106… Man, what a mistake!!

Now, I suppose that I’ll be pointing to the Sony, because I think is better a dual R(W) than only -R(W).

Anyway, thanks GrrRon and TexasGuy. Please somebody tell me if it is better a Pioneer -R(W) or the Sony -/+R(W).

By the way… The Sony one (DW-10A) is +/-, right??



Have you been smoking? Trully? 106 is a same as A06 but comes in a different box or no box at all. Read my lips, it is a same drive. Read my lips, it does + and it does -. It doesn’t do RAM but who cares. And stop that weed thing. Seriously.


Yep, the Pioneer drive (106/A06) is a dual/format drive.

If it was up to me, I’d go for either the Pioneer or the NECc1300a. For the time being, I’d prefer the NEC, as it has been around for a while.


No man!.. The fact is that I was cheking an on-line store who lists the drive as -R(W)… And is a reputated one, so the first thing a thought was: “I was wrong”.

The store is, chek it yourself.

At the end, I go for the pioneer :slight_smile:


Originally posted by sasamaes
The store is, chek it yourself.

Seems to be a pr0n site to me…