Need advice on speakers!


I am trying to buy a desent set of speakers/home theater, I do not have that much money though. I have found ones that i like : Guillemot XPS 510 - 5.1 surround sound. the total power 60 W: 20 W subwoofer, 5x8 the sattelite. Can anyone tell me if that is a good choice. And generally ia mnot quite aware of that 60W output power is that a lot , is it very little, will I be able to blast the walls? I dont want to buy something thats too weak? Please, if anyone has an avice on that …



Spend as much as you possibly can on speakers. The 5 main units must be identical, or “matched” with the same drivers and same power input. If you’re buying a receiver and speaker set, go for one with a DTS decoder as well as DD. As for power, 60w is fair as long as it’s 60w x 5. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have 5 matched speakers. don’t assume that because they come as a set they are properly matched, they sould have the same tweeters and midrange drivers in them, but preferable they should be identical.
If the speakers are not properly matched with the same drivers and power, you will lose the “sound field” that surround creates. With a properly set up system, you will not be able to localize the sound effects, it will seem to come out of thin air.

will I be able to blast the walls?

60W can be enough it really depends on the speakers a lot more than the amp. Something called “sensitivity?” (not sure thats the word) thells you how many db you get from 1W input measuring 1m away from the driver (Thats what’s used here anyways) normal speakers have about 90 but i’ve seen way above 100. The really sensitive speakers are for tube amps that usually give around 10W output.


SPL, (sound pressure level), measured at 1W at 1000kHz. 1W actually makes a lot of noise at 1000kHz, most of your wattage goes to the bass frequencies. With a powered subwoofer, you can get by with a lot less wattage in the other speakers. 20W seems a bit weak for a sub, but it depends on the cross-over freq.
Anyway, sensitivty measurements can be skewed by the speaker if it is really strong at 1000kHz but weak at higher frequencies. But again, what really matters is that all the 5 speakers are the same.


I really cant know if they are matched well or not. I just hope that they are matched since they come together as a complect. i am buying that online and there is not quite a deteiled info. i tried to do a search about that company andit turns out to be in denmark… And i have also seesn a french site with user opinons and they all say good things “OUI” and the user opinoins are 100% positive – think thats kinda a good sign. As for the power, a big concern - 60 W ids the TOTAL power it produces , now 60 W each sattelite. the subwoofer is 20 W and each satterlite is 8 W.
I am buying them as a present to my brother so that he can hook them up to the PC. he does not have a stereo so I was like … if these speakers are decent and can produce fairly good and powerful sound it even beats the average stereos, steros are far behind to me.


They should be adequate for the PC.

also if anybody has an advice on a site where i can buy speakers online and get them shiped to a European country (a good european site i guess) …



Here’s a link to look at the info at

What do you all think?


Maybe sensitivity isn’t the right word (my own translation) but what I meant is that different speakers can produce very different volumes of sound with relatively low input.

Got your speakers yet
I’m the man here about audio especially speakers hit me with the questions and I will answer them.

I have a 7.2 sony receiver, which amplifies output power to 185W per channel at 6ohms. I also have 2 yamaha acoustic surround speakers that i want to use with this receiver. However, the yamaha speakers have maximum input power 120w at 4ohms written on the back. Will i damage my speakers or receiver if i use them as surround speakers?

Dropping the impedance below the rated will work the amp harder it shouldn’t be a problem because surround channels are not often driven loud its more for background noise. That sony htddw7000 setup the amp has a decent protection circuit in it so if you drive it to hard it should cut out and you’ll be safe.

You can damage a 500w speaker with a 100w amp.
And you can also damage a 100w speaker with a 500w amp.
If its still sounds very clear and crisp its ok for the speakers.