Need advice on Projectors



I need advice from you guys.

I have a pretty nice laptop, and am currently a college student. I do a lot of PowerPoint presentations and always have to borrow the schools projectors or just print out the slides. The schools projectors aren’t that good, so I have decided to look at the market in order to buy a projector for myself.

I am still a student, so i don’t have the money to buy the BEST OF THE BEST. That being said, i do want to use it for games on the side, and presentations in rooms where the lights will probably be on or at least half of them will.

Any suggestions?


Whatever you get, learn the correct switchoff procedure - if you want a really high brightness, it probably means an expensive bulb that needs careful looking after.

Normally, the switchoff sequence will include a fan-assisted cooldown …

You can find models that use a cheaper bulb, maybe even a “standard” OHP projector halogen, but the brigtmess/power performance is not as good.

Remember also, that QH bulbs will blow due to skin oils on the bulb, so use care if one does need to be changed.