Need advice on new burner


I’m looking for a new burner and i’m not sure which one to get.

I’m not sure which brand is best for what I need and to top it off there are multiple brands mixed with multiple models.

I mostly looking for:
Something that Reads/Writes DL
Writes dvds
Can use nero disc info/disc quality scans
Long lasting drive + disk life

I usually use sony media for normal 4.5G dvds
and an apparently fake DL Aone that worked 100% fine with my old benq.

These are the only choices I have:

LG GH20-NS10 Black/Silver/Ivory 20X DVD Writer SATA
LG GH22-NP20 IDE Black/Silver/Ivory 22X DVD Writer (newer model that is IDE and not sata?)

LiteON DH-20A1S-18C Black 20x Dual layer SATA DVD Writer

Samsung SH-S203 Black 20x Dual Layer SATA DVD Writer

Pioneer DVR-215D Black x20 SATA DVD Writer
Pioneer DVR-215D Black x20 SATA DVD/DVD RAM Writer

the LG don’t do Cd scanning .

I may recommend you the Liteon because you can scan with it nd it can do beautiful burnings.

the pioneer is the best writer

and the samsung is ok also and can do cd scanning but i don’t thing that it’s a long lasting drive