Need Advice on LDW-401S purchase, 650cpu

Semi-newbie here.

I am going to buy the LDW-401S, mainly just to burn small video projects to play on stand-alone DVD players.

I understand that its a DVD+ writer, and that not all stand-alone DVD players play this format.

My concern/question is with my current computer set up.

I have a Pentium 3 650 mhz, 384 mb ram, 120gb of hd space.

According to the LDW-401S literature that I’ve read, one requires only a Pentium 166mhz to use this dvd burner.

I am not concerned with the speed of the burn, but I am concerned with buying a product that will only produce coasters.

Is my concern justified? Will this burner work withy my current system? Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

RM “pana_boy”

I do not see a problem. My 401S burns very stable and reliable. Just be sure that your system’s configured properly and that the antivirus monitor is off when burning a project. By following these advices it should be no problem using this burner without producing unusual amounts of coasters.

Even using a Pentium 166mhz it should be possible to read/write with the same speed.
The only problem could occur when viewing DVD-Video. But I think a P3 650 should not produce any skipping when using hardware acceleration and an appropriate graphic card.

Your CPU will not be an issue, but your motherboard might be. Delivering data at 5500KB/sec requires a competant IDE controller, so update drivers. If you are UDMA-33 compliant, you should do fine. Also be sure you have a clean - fast hard drive with lots of space available.
I don’t envy you having to crunch video files on a 650, but the actual burning process shouldn’t be a problem as long as you are not converting and burning at the same time.