Need advice on Joining Mpg Files

Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum just found it while looking all over google for a solution to my problem so I thought I might ask for help here.

I like to archive movies or programs I record off my DVD recorder (connected to my TV) but I want to do it in mpg format. Unfortunately my DVD recorder (connected to the tv) saves the files as VOB (of course). I already know that you can simply change the extension of VOB’s to mpg and play the file, but it splits the vob’s every 1 gb or so splitting the movie or program into 4 seperate files. What I want to do is join them all as one file.

There are numerous programs out there that do this, but they all seem to leave a nasty stutter where the join was made. So far I’ve tried Womble, Super, AVS Converter, DVD Shrink, Magic DVD Ripper, Wondershare DVD Ripper, Clone DVD2, Alive Converter and Viovideo Mobile (yeah getting desperate there).

I guess the goal here is to find a ripper to rip out the VOB and join the files into an mpeg is needed here, as joining already extracted vob’s together as mpgs I imagine would always leave a stutter, but as yet I’ve not located a ripper that does this (at least not without leaving the stutter). Any help would be appreciated.

try vob2mpeg

I could Kiss you dude!!!

It works perfectly, huge thanks :slight_smile: