Need advice on HD in USB 2 enclosure

i`ve just put my second HD in an enclosure to free up an IDE channel, and would like some suggestons as the paper work that came with the enclosure does not say much.

i woun`t be removing it much so would i be better setting it to optimize for perormance and if i did this i take it would have to remove it before shutting my pc down?

or would i bet safer to leave it on quick removal as iam not the only user and my wife might power down without removing the drive (just like shes done with the camera)

thanks for any guidence


USB 2 already cuts the transfer rate about in half, so I would want to max out performance. It is simple to hit the “safely remove” icon especially as you will not be disconnecting very often. The risk you run of not hitting icon first is that you might disconnect the drive before it finishes writing.

thanks Chas0039 :slight_smile:

i did a bench mark test on the enclosure with both settings and it made very little difference.

BM with defalt settings: min 17.7
max 24.6
avg 24.1

BM with performance settings:min 20.7
max 24.9
avg 24.4

so i think i`ll go for the safer defalt settings :iagree:

Unless write cache is going to help, then enabling it won’t make much difference - and write cache only helps, in a situation where the write can be posted, while carrying on with something else.