Need advice on flashing dead Asus 5224A CDRW


I have an Asus 5224A CDRW which is currently dead due to a system hang whilst flashing with the ASUS flash utility. It had become unreliable (not always reading/recognising previously burned or blank media of reputable brands) which was why I tried updating the firmware.

Neither Windows nor BIOS will recognise the drive, which shows no sign of life. No lights on front, nothing.

After checking some threads on this and the Firmware Page site I’ve managed to get hold of BIN files for several firmware versions as well as the mtkflash application. Following the instructions I’ve tried to flash the drive in DOS using a bootable floppy on Primary and Secondary, Master and Slave IDE channels and always got the same message:

Err. Fail to identify the flash type

When I tried the Mtkflash C command to check flash type I got the following:

ManuId: 2 ManuId: 2 hDevId: 20
ManuId: 2 ManuId: 2 hDevId: ae

Followed by the same error message above.

I’m using mtkflash version 1.83. My motherboard is an ASUS TUSL2-C if that helps.

Can anyone confirm for me if what I’m attempting is actually possible? I’m new to it all and the various threads I’ve read give conflicting opinions.

Are there any other flashing utilities to try? Should I try earlier versions of mtkflash? Would trying to flash the drive on another PC with different motherboard help?

Thanks for any help, as well as for the info I’ve already found…

Welcome to cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

Maybe you should try one of the older versions of MtkFlash.

You will find everything needed and a good guide here. :wink: