Need advice on dvdregion & CSSfree



First off, i have uninstalled this and all is well, but i wanted to learn from my experience, if possible.
I am only intermediate at best with computers, and more of a newbie with burning, i simply burn a cd or dvd and check to see that it works.
I built a new system using P4 2.4 cpu and MSI NEO2 mobo, 512 mb ram and i am using nero 6 suite. Burner is OPtorite DD0405
So i thought i would try a registered dvdregion&cssfree program. It made some changes to my dvdrom and dvd burner in the secondary ide channel that i could see from dev mgr.
It had changed my settings from PI0, if i recall correctly, to dma, and i think it was dma5, not 100% sure on that.
Anyway i went to burn some progs on a dvd and the burns seemed to be ok but they hung up on the verification. The dvd’s hung up, wouldnt open, some of the progs burned properly and some didnt.
After i uninstalled dvdregion&cssfree and uninstalled and re-installed nero, and let win xp set the dma to dma mode 2 all is now well, my burner burns and verifys and the dvds are readable.
I am just wondering what happened. The dvdregionfree prog would come on automatically all the time and not seem to interfere, however, the very first time it came on it wanted to set the ide channel to dma so i let it do so. This was my downfall i guess.
So what i would like to know is what happened and really why? I mean i know i allowed the prog to set dma but i am wondering why it didnt work so that it interfered with my burner?


Do you recall REBOOTING when you installed DVD Region Free? If you didn’t, because your drive went from PIO to UDMA, Windows will still use PIO until reboot, hence why Nero6 failed (it wants to use UDMA).
By default DVD Region Free will check DMA and ENABLE it if isn’t. Re-install DVD Region Free and make sure you reboot. All will be fine :wink:

PIO=16.6MBs Max Transfer Rate=BAD :frowning:
Ultra DMA
Mode 0=16.7MBs Max

Mode 1=25.0MBs Max

Mode 2=33.3MBs Max

Mode 3=44.4MBs Max

Mode 4=66.7MBs Max

Mode 5=100.0MBs Max


I did reboot the first time. The program was installed for about 10 days or so, so its not the fact that i didnt reboot.

I made a mistake in reporting this to you in the first place. After uninstalling dvd regionfree, the secondary ide channel set itself to dma mode 2. Due to the fact that i only have a standard and not ultra ide cable, i think thats as far as it should go anyway, and so i believe all is well.
Burning has resumed with no errors now so i think i will leave this program out and use it only if needed in the future.

By the way, i know what the region free part means, but can you tell me what the cssfree part is or does? I believe its a type of copy protection but i dont know for sure?
thanks for your help and for the info!


CSS is encryption for DVDs. If you try and backup a REAL DVD with NERO etc (except DVD Decrypter/Shrink) without the AID of software such as dvd region+css free, it will say that the discs is copy protected and will not allow you to copy it


ok, thanks for the info!


I was using the trail everything was fine. I could burn anything. Now after i payed for it and am registered, I can’t burn anything.Help please I’m using region


@ nork more than likely your problem was with nero not regionfree you have to ask yourself why were my optical drives in PIO mode in the first place and then when you installed regionfree it tried to set your drives to DMA mode , it would seem that reinstalling nero has resolved your issues but I am sure none of it was to do with regionfree I would reinstall it and remember it is only active when the selected program calls for it . as for nero hanging at verification this is a burning issue not a decrypting fault .