Need Advice on Drive that Compliments Pioneer 111D

I recently purchased a Pioneer 111D and already had a NEC ND-3520A from a couple of years ago. Before this site, I never realized there was so much to creating DVDs & CDs (i.e. reading, writing, scanning, ripping, etc.). I bought the Pioneer because it was recommended here as an all around good drive. Now what I’m wondering is what would be a good drive to compliment the Pioneer 111D. In other words, what drive would help compensate for any of the Pioneer’s weaknesses or is my current NEC ND-3520A already a good compliment. Also, which drive would you recommend for each purpose (i.e. Pioneer for burning, alternate for reading, Pioneer for scanning, etc.). Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance. BTW, great community you have here, keep up the good work!

Welcome to the forum Cogitozen. :flower:

For scanning and writing DVD+R: BenQ 1640 (the best), 1650 or 1655 (if you find one…).

For writing DVD-R: Pioneer 111D. You can crossflash the 111D to a 111 (DVD-RAM) or 111L (DVD-RAM & LightScribe).

For reading you can keep the Nec…

WARNING: Crossflash will void your drive warranty… :sad: :sad: :sad:

BenQ drives are rapidly disappearing and I have always found my Liteon drives to be more reliable for that. Your best addition would be a Liteon for scanning, although they are still problematic when it comes to consistent burns. If you plan to use -R discs, the LG drives have been better for me than any others, especially the MCC03RG20s from Verbatim. Don’t ever let your NEC go; the latestmodels can be very bad and the 3520 is the best burner I have ever seen for +RW discs, especially the Verbatim version.

Bottem line; for an all round best burner, you already have it in the Pioneer. I would also reccomend going to the Buffalo 111L 8.29 version.