Need advice on creating mp3 cd's



I would like to create some mp3 cd’s for my car player. I would like to be able to ‘normalize’ the audio for the tracks. I would also like to be able to put different ‘albums’ in there own folder on the cd. Finally, I would like to keep the songs in there folders in the order I put them in.

Can someone recommend the process and software to use to accomplish this?



For equalising the volume of the mp3s, run them through MP3Gain . Besides that, just make subdirectories on the disc for each album, but no more than one level because some players can only “see” the first level of folders. For keeping the right order, just name the songs like in the following manner for each folder:
01 - Track1
02 - Track2
You could also add ID3 tags with album/artist/track info if your player can display this. For burning, you could use Nero, burnatonce or Feurio or whatever came with your burner. Burn it as ISO data CD.


If you use the program Nero they have the option to equalize the volume of all songs and you can also take out the pause between songs which I find nice. Nero also has an “Easy mode” for beginners to burn cd/dvds and unlike roxio easy cd creator (my first buring software), Nero has yet to burn me a non-working cd/dvd. :bigsmile:


For Nero burn it as a MP3 CD under the audio selection.


Yes but that is for audio-CD’s only.


really? I didn’t know because I only burn audio-cds so I figure that mp3 cds have the same options in Nero.


Does anyone know of any software that will ‘clean-up’ mp3s?


mp3 tag tools


Is there not a program that can cleanup the sound of mp3 directly?


What do you mean, “clean up”? If you after processing the sound, GoldWave can do it, but the edited MP3 will have to be re-encoded with the inevitable quality loss.

In short, you should leave the MP3s as they are.


I have used MusicMatch to create mp3 cds which are normalized, and it does a respectable job.

However, I would LOVE to know how to do the same thing with Nero, as I don’t use MusicMatch for anything else, and I use Nero to do EVERYTHING. The only shortcoming I have for Nero is the lack of any observable means of creating an mp3 cd which is normalized. This is true for both Nero 6 & 7 as far as I can tell.

If I am missing something and it IS in fact possible to create an mp3 cd which is normalized, I would be tremendously appreciative if anyone could share their strategy!




For cleaning up audio tracks (and I clean up a lot of stuff taken from old tapes and cassettes) I use Sony SoundForge because the interface is so easy and the plug-ins are good. However the best digital plugins are of course Waves Restoration - addressing crackle, click, hum and noise.

Unfortunately the newest versions will only work with a Pro-tools hardware system, but older versions will work with - Cool Edit Pro, WaveLab etc.

If you’ve got important stuff to clean, then it is worth finding a friend running a Waves system.