Need Advice on copying DVD movies

I have a TDK indi 4X Internal burner, which came with Roxio Creator-version 6
software. I was thinking of buying ‘DVD Cloner II’ or ‘1 Click DVD Copy’ software to copy movies. Will I need any additional software, such as Nero 6?
Here are my PC Specs:
-Intel Celeron 1.8 GHZ processor
-128MB DDR SDRAM (I know I may need to upgrade)
-40 GB Hard Drive

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Depending on what you want to do with your writer. Since you are looking at DVD Cloner I am assuming you want to make backup copies of your purchased DVD’s. If this is the case a typical DVD writer software will not do the trick because of the DVD copy protection. :eek:

If you want to get up and running today try out the DVD Shrink and DVD decrypter combo. Both of these packages are FREEWARE so you can’t beat the price. Newer copy protection may not be disabled using these tools but its a good start.

DVD Decrypter download

DVD Shrink

You would first use DVD Decyrpter to break the copy protection and create a image on your hard drive. Then use DVD shrink to compress the image to fit on a 4.7GB disc. DVD shrink can also burn the disc.

I have also tried the following packages:
DVD Cloner II
1 Click DVD
DVD43 Free

Most of these packages have a 30 day trial and I would highly recomend trying the trial version before buying one. I recently updated to using DVDFAB which seems to remove the latest copy protection and it’s as easy to use as 1 click dvd copy. Also you could try a search on this forum to see what software others are using. I can tell you that if you use DVD Shrink your memory in the machine will be an issue. DVD Shrink will run but it will be very slow. If you upgrade your machine with more memory you should see if you can get 512MB of ram, DVD shrink will not use more than that. Hope this helps.

Thanks a lot, robo. This really helps.

You mentioned you have tried DVD Cloner II and 1 Click DVD.
Do you still need DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink for those
software packages?



You have a very impressive list of hardware.

If you read the Copy DVD Movie forums (clonedvd) you will find that some members have been having some trouble with DVD-Cloner, my advice to you would be to download AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 from, they have a 21 day trial aswell as the other programs mentioned earlier, but they are not free, they are a good combo that works well together and i’ve not got any complaints of them, there products are updated when new protection are found (anydvd) for the liftime of the product.

Don’t run anydvd & dvd43 together as they may conflict with each other.

Read this

If you go with the DVD Cloner or 1click DVD you don’t need DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter. Basically DVD Shrink will just take an image of a DVD, which can be 4GB~10GB in size and shrinks it to fit on a 4.7Gb disc. DVD Shrink will remove basic macrovision protection but in general is just used to shrink down the movie.

DVD Decrypter will read a DVD disc and remove most forms of copy protection and create a copy free dvd image on your hard drive. This image can then be pulled into DVD Shrink to shrink it down.

DVD Cloner II will shrink the movie down in the same way DVD Shrink does, so you will no longer need that program. This package will also remove a lot of copy protection schemes, simular to DVD decrypter. So if you go this route you will only need DVD Cloner II and nothing else.

1 Click DVD will shrink down the movie like DVD Shrink, however it does not remove any copy protection. You would need anydvd or dvd43. These programs run in the background and remove the copy protection. Anydvd costs about $30.00 while dvd43 is free (google dvd43).

DVDFAB is a all in one solution that will remove copy protection and compress the data to fit on a single disc. This program costs about $60.00 and it’s a one time fee. All updates for the program are completly free. The good news is the updates don’t last just for 1 year so I think it’s a good buy. If you look on their website you will see that the program is updated every few weeks and in a lot of cases this is done to remove new copy protection.

DVDCloner is also an all in one solution simular to DVDFAB. I have heard good things about the program but have never used it.

If you do a search on “dvd decrypter guide” in google you will find some good guides on how to use the software. The same is true for DVD Shrink. Since both these packages are free give them a try and see how they work for you. Here are some other links that may work for you.


Clone DVD

I’d be inclined just to get AnyDVD to remove all forms of protection & then use the free DVD Shrink to extract just the main movie & the appropriate audio.
CloneDVD2 works exactly the same as DVD Shrink, produces similar results but has a cost.
Both Shrink & CloneDVD2 do produce very acceptable results.

i’m brand new to backing-up my dvds. i’ve been using dvdshrink alone and it seems to be working fine. the back-ups play on my home dvd player. it seems too simple based on threads i’ve read like this one. is it just that the movies i’ve backed up so far do not have protection? am i missing something here?



It really is as simple as you’ve so far found it.

You’ve obviously got a good burner/media combination which helps. Cheap media is the cause of a lot of the issues in backing up movies.

However, once you hit a protection issue then all you’ll need is AnyDVD or the free DVD43 which I’ve never used so I can’t comment on its usefulness.

thanks…i’ve done a little digging and am understanding things a bit. i already have nero installed, so once i installed dvdshrink, i had one-click back-up capability. might try some authoring to minimize compression. this forum and the how-to’s are a great resource.

Thank you all for your advice. You’ve all been very helpful, especially robo.


No problem, Glad I could help. :slight_smile: The reason I joined this forum is so I could get information about what other people are doing and try to help others.

ive been using poweriso and the movie will play in my samsung dvd player …but my girlfriend has a different brand dvd player which is a cheap one could anyone plzz tell me what im doing wrong …thanks

Nice job robo100, glad to have you. That is the whole function of this forum plus many other interesting things, thats whats make us the best CD-DVD Forum on the internet, members like you. Happy New Year.

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