Need advice on amd build

Hi Dee,

I would like some advice, if getting a desktop 5700g build still worth this early 2022, or just wait for the the new AMD series. Since reading some info on the new AMD cpu will just support DDR5 which is currently expensive.

The build will be 5700g, b550 itx, 16gb ddr4, 1tb nvme, 500W sfx, no dgpu for now, maybe rx6600 later if the price normalize. Any advice is appreciated at the moment. Thanks.

The 5700g is a very powerful CPU, and should be good for a good number of years.
As you said, getting a system that only supports DDR5 at the moment is very expensive, but In the end only you can decide if you want to wait or not.

To get things into perspective. I currently run an Intel i9 9900KF in my main PC, and I have no plans to upgrade. My CPU is now around 3 years old. So the 5700g is not out of date now, or likely to be for years to come.

One thing to think seriously about is the DRAM.
I would personally fit 32GB with a rated speed of 3600MHz.

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Dee gave you excellent advice. The 5700G is a very powerful CPU and has an excellent on-board GPU. Get the fastest, largest quantity of RAM you can afford.

I have had a 3600X in my main work computer for around three years and I don’t plan to upgrade for several more years. Unless you are doing work that demands a lot of CPU power the 5700G should be more than enough to meet your needs.

Since you are buying an ITX motherboard, what case are you planning to get?

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@ Dee,

Thanks for the advice, currently the 16gb I am eyeing is a 16gb 3600mhz, upping to 32gb, still looking for a good price, though I am searching around youtube about the vRAM, that it can be change to a higher since Windows 10 sets to “auto” thats around 512MB, I saw the change it to 16GB since its physical RAM is 32gb. ok that make sense now, since I am currently without a discrete gpu.


Yes, Dee immediately notice it and gave a sound advice. Currently I am on a laptop with an i5 integrated and attached 27" IPS second screen thru hdmi and open bluray drive attached thru usb type C & 2 other usb 3 occupied by 2 external drive & a bluetooth mouse.

I will be using Zalman M2 itx case

You have been given excellent advice by both of the above experts in the field of computing, I myself am running a 5950X and I love it. So with Dee’s advice, I built this whole rig, listen to what she says and you will be successful. Good luck.

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I already bought the items, hope it come early and safe. :grinning:

Please come back and let us know how the build goes.

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Case come 1st, :blush:

I’ve been reading up on that case.
Its very impressive cooling for such a small case is outstanding.

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I have been using a Fractal 500 ITX case for a few years and it has been stellar on all counts. Very compact, holds several hard drives, allows a full ATX PS and has excellent fan placement to support very good CPU cooling. All in a 250 x 203 x 367 mm size. I even have a full length, dual fan RX 580 video card in it without any cooling issues.

Finally other parts came,

just need the time to build it :thinking:

I can’t make out the brand of the SSD, and is the DRAM Kingston?

Will you go Windows 11 on this build?
You may also have to update the BIOS on the motherboard to get the best out of the system, and do make sure you install the latest AMD chipset drivers.

Looking forward to seeing the completed build.

The ssd is a Silicon Power and the ram is Mushkin.

The mobo has a 5000 series sticker on it, might or might not need a BIOS update, if needed theres a bios flash available.

I think I will stay with Win 10, for now.

Last night I installed the CPU you have (5700G) in our family room HTPC. I removed the RX 580 graphics card because this PC is not used for gaming of any sort and I think it was causing intermittent crashes. The 5700G works great for video playback and it is a noticeable upgrade in CPU performance from the 3600 it replaced.

That DRAM isn’t officially supported on your mobo. Hopefully it runs at its rated speed without problems.

Got the time to built it, and all part works well, installed Win 10

right side

left side.
Motherboard work well 5700g without a bios flash, and the mushkin ram works well too, even better got a 200mhz extra out of 3600mhz it is rated.
Also got a tiny rtx 3050 :smiling_face:

Nice to hear you have it built.

Would it possible to run and post a result from CineBench R23?
It’s also a good and quick stability test for your CPU and DRAM.

I’m interested to see how my older Intel i9 9900KF compares…

My result below.

I just tested my setup.

Its nothing fancy. A Gigabyte X570 ITX board, 16GB of 3200 RAM, running Windows 11 Pro. No overclocking at all.

I haven’t had mine overclocked for more than a year.
It will do 5.1GHz. But you pay a price for that. Very high power consumption and loads of heat. So mines is also at stock speeds. Only the DRAM runs at 3600MHz, as I have XMP enabled.

Still, the Ryzen 5700G is very impressive.

@ Dee, I test my system, below is the result

@ UTR, nice score