Need advice on a UPS

Hi experts,

I need advice on what type of uninteruptible power system to buy. I need it to support 10 desktop computers with 2 monitors each (so 20 monitors) for a total of 15 minutes. It’s okay if I have to buy multiple smaller ones instead of one large one. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

You should really use a SAN/NAS so save sensitive data, as for UPS you’ll probably need a diesel one to drive that many computers for such long time. APC/Eaton are very large and known manufacturers for battery-driven UPSes so I’d advice you to have a look at their products.

+1 check out APC, they work great. I have an ES500 for my two servers, though that is probably too small for your needs.

Thanks, I will check out APC. Dizzy, what’s SAN/NAS?

How is life in KC these days?

SAN / NAS is network accessible storage