Need Advice on a NON-SONY External Drive

Hello this is my 1st post in this forum and I need a little nudge in the right direction. My internal Sony 540a shattered a DVD while DVD Shrink was in the process of ripping a movie. I’m so sick of Sony drives.

Anyway I’m looking to replace it with a External Drive but I cant decide which to buy. I have an older 8X BenQ that has been a great burner, I just need a second drive that can Rip movies like a banshee.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Are you primarilly looking for it to burn or to rip? Mad dog externals are usally nec drives which are pretty good burners but not really the best rippers. You could always just get an enclosure (I think there is a thread in the bargain basment about one on sale at fry’s) and put whatever internal drive you want in it. If you just want it for ripping, just get a liteon dvd-rom. For writing, maybe a benq or nec, for both, a benq (not the benq dq60 on either account though, it is a piece of crap). I think the benq burners are on the fast side for ripping as far as burners go (with hacked firmware anyway).

Thanks for the info. I’m primarily looking for a drive that’s the best for ripping. I would just get a DVD-ROM drive but I might want to burn something from my laptop. Can someone tell me what’s the best EXT-drive for ripping?

In my opinion one of the best is benq 1640. You can buy the external model or put the internal model on a box (more difficult: you must choose the right box with a good chipset).

Is that drive good with stock firmware or will I need to use a hacked version? The only media I use is Taiyo Yuden & BenQ branded DVD’s & CD’s.

For 1640 until now I obtained best results with BSLB firmware. But you can try any firmware you want: it’s possible to flash with any version for hundred of times without risk, so you can do any test to find the best for you.

I have benched a few rippers, the new nec 3550 is the fastest for me, but
it needs to be internal.

Stock firmware works great, there aren’t any hacked firmwares like there are for NEC.

The BenQ 1640 is internal isn’t it? I’m looking for a quick reading External drive, and I’d rather not pay extra for an enclosure

Yes it is, and chances are internal drive + external enclosure is the cheapest solution, so you’re not exactly “paying extra”.

All you get with an external drive is an internal drive with an enclosure. Get an external drive and what do you think you will find inside? Most liklly an internal tht you can just pop in and conect internally. Dont get me wrong. If you find a good external then buy it. But don’t expect it to be anything beter than an internal in an enclosure. Geting them seperatlly will improve your options but either way, what maters is what the internal dirve is.

This is kind of a stupid thread, fast ripper in external usb? Usb has so many issues,
the fast part doesn’t apply. for the average user IMHO rant off

Thats true. I have heard of lots of people having speed problems with externals (sometimes not even being able to burn faster than 8x or 4x and similar problems). I would defenatlly prefer an internal, but if he doesn’t have the bay for it or something, and or wants to use it with his laptop, he might as well get the best he can. Personaly I would use internals even if it meant having to get a new case for my computer or a controler card for additional channels. Of course thats just me and I can defanatlly understand if money is an issue (an internal burner for the laptop, new case and controler card for the desktop and a drive for the desktop could get pretty expensive so maybe an external would be a more affordable solution though not the best solution).

I’d just get a slow good ripper like a LG 4163. My nec’s(modded) would be lame in an external case.