Need advice in buying DVD player

I am searching for a DVD TV player that:

  • supports DVD-ROM and at least DVD-R/RW playing (would be preferable also with DVD+R/RW support)
  • supports progressive scan
  • has good media compatibility
  • preferably supports at least DivX (if possible, XviD too)

By watching this forum and some opinions I have found the best is probably the Philips DVP642, but I can’t find one here in Italy. I only see the DVP620 in the shops, but it is relatively expensive (120 €) comparing to the DVP642 which seems to have the same features but a lower price. Are there any differences between the two ?

The european version of DVP642 is called DVP630 (silver) or DVP632 (black). It should be available in Italy, at least it is in Germany, and prices here range from about 80 to 130 €.

Yes, DVP630 is sold in Italy, but you can check for yourself the full scale of Philips DVD players here:

If you hold the mouse over a model number it will show in what part of world is it available.

Good luck.

Uh, thanks. The DVP642 is the American version and therefore supports only region-1- and no-region-DVDs. The DVP632/02 is sold in Italy too. Why da @!#% don’t they tell the price too ? :a

I still have one question: how can I upgrade its firmware ? I have searched Philips’ customer care support but never found any “firmware”, “software”, “codec” or “bios” issue. Do I have to link it to my PC ?

Well, I have to correct you. The site I have indicated below contains in case of every unit a menu (left side). In most cases there is an option: Software. If there is a firmware upgrade, you can find it there.

Philips does release firmware upgrades and on regular basis. :iagree: