Need advice for safedisc 3.15+

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying with very little success to backup my Call of Duty: Game of the year edition. From what I’ve read, the GOTY edition comes with SD3.15.
My “SD3 killer?” is a Liteon 52327s, with fw QS58.

I decided to give the new Alcohol a try, by itself to read and write. I also tried Alc120 coupled with CloneCD as described in the tute— no go. Fails in all my drives, installs but won’t start the game.

I also tried Discjuggler, also a no go in all my drives, following the tute exactly. Lastly I tried the Discdump + Fireburner method. This was the closest I’ve gotten. The copy will only work in my Liteon LTD163 DVD. And only about 80% of the time. In ALL above attempts I read with Tosh 1712, and write with the Litey, reading and writing at 4x.

This is my burning comp:

Asus TUSL2 mobo
512 MB ram
Win2k sp3
Nvidia Geforce2 GTS 64MB
IBM 40GB HDD (running from a promise Ultra133 TX2 controller)
Pri Mas.- Plextor Premium fw 1.05
Pri Sla.- Liteon 52537s fw QS58
Sec. Mas- Tosh 1712 fw1004
Sec. Sla.- Liteon LTD163 fwGH4s

I’d like to try Discjuggler again, but I’m confused about something the tute doesnt say. When you go to write, on Advanced tab, do you leave mode on audio, or mode1 or 2? Should I try a different reader than the Tosh? It just seems like because Fireburner was almost successfull, then why is my luck so bad with Discjuggler? With my hardware seems like it should work (from the posts I’ve read) with DJ, as long as I get all the settings perfect.

Any other suggestions, how I might retry any of these softwares, with any different settings or speeds will be much appreciated. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Also, what are peoples opinions on the Asus 52x burner, would I have a better chance with that over my Litey??

which tutorial did you use?

For Discjuggler, I used Futurproofs guide. For the clone + alcohol, I used Virus2k’s guide. For Ddump + Fireburner I used the guide CD 1986 put together. :slight_smile: