Need advice for next DVD-Writer purchase!



Hello there!

I plan to buy a new DVD-Writer.

I’m not sure at the moment whether it will be a IDE or a S-ATA drive.
Is Plextor still a good choice if quality is a important feature?

What drives would you recommend in both categories?

I didn’t have the time the last few months to stay up-to-date, so i’ll be happy if you can help me to make a safe buy.

Thanks in advance!

Flo :slight_smile:


Around 6 months ago and only after reading reviews of all DVD burners as well as problems posted by users, I chose the Pioneer 111D that I cross flashed to 111L to gain bit setting. IMO the Pioneer has best reviews and fewest problems, and I’d make the same choice today if I need another. The only knock against the Pioneer 111D is that it’s not a good scanner, but that’s unimportant to me. Quality burns and good reading ability is most import to me which is where the Pioneer out performs others.


Also Pioneer 111D is not a good CD reader but best for all DVD read & write


ok…the Pioneer 111D will be my favourite IDE Drive!

How about the S-ATA Drives? Which one beats the rest?
What do you think about the PX760SA by Plextor?


I would say it’s not the right time to purchase SATA drive unless you have plenty of cash to muck around with it.