Need advice for cd/dvd writer - IDE - good burn and read

Building a tower duplicator for backup in my duplication business.
Already had all the parts laying around but the drives.
I need (10) burners that will do good for cd and dvd, reading and writing.
Durability is also a big plus.
I haven’t hung around here in a while, spent a few hours looking around, then decided that someone here can probably answer my question without much effort.
Thanks in advance!
p.s. DL is not important to me, but good reads are just as important as a good burn.

p.s. I’m not against using a dedicated reader if that would help.

Your biz? :smiley:

[QUOTE=chef;2544379]Your biz? :D[/QUOTE]

Stated in original post…cd duplciation.

I do local short run services for bands and organizations…

Sounds good.

I would recommend some Pioneer or NEC burners.
Maybe you can read some of the cdfreaks/myce reviews.