Need Advice for BenQ DW1640 and DL media



I have a DW1640 with the firmware BSLB. I have been using burning at 8x speed on 16x verbatim dvd+r. I decided to start buying the 10-pack verbatim 2.4x dvd+r DL for some of my backups which i will probably burn at 2.4x instead of the 8x people say it is capable of. What i want to know is will i be able to get high-quality burns from this media. Also wondering if i should upgrade my firmware to a later version. Which firmware would be best for both my single layer and dual layer discs. Also should i overburn to a faster speed on the DLs.


Yes, I don’t see why not, BSOB, and you mean “overspeed”, not “overburn”, and you probably would be okay if you did.