Need advice for audio sync problems plz



I’ve wanted to keep things simple by using one program to combine my .avi files to DVD format. Using DVDSanta and Convertxtodvd gives me good burns most of the time, but maybe every 3rd or 4th one I get audio sync problems. The .avi files play perfect on the computer, but certain ones seem to develop a problem.

My questions are:

  1. I know DVD Santa has settings to help sync the audio but how in the world do you find out what to set that on?

  2. Would it be better for me to just break down and use VirtualDub and other programs to convert these over? Are my chances of getting better sync on audio/video greater if I do it using the “multiple” program method?

Can’t figure out what in the world is causing these to get out of sync. Some of the movies are fine thru the first 30% and messed up thru the rest of the disk.

BTW…I’m using a KLITE codec pack which according to other sources could be causing a problem? DVD Santa would not work for me unless I installed this pack (or one similar). Not sure if convertxtoDVD would require this also.

If anyone cares, my burner is a Benq DW1650 with Bcdc firmware and media is Verbatim (MCC 004) DVD+R.





Often the ones with Variable Bit Rate have a bad header when opened in VDub & will result in an out of sync problem.

Having done a conversion I try to establish (guess) how much the out of sync is. I then extract the audio from the avi file with Goldwave (others will do) & then add in silence at the start for my estimated out of sync to that extracted wav file. Typically it’s an add-in rather than delete that’s needed.

Now if I’ve got the mpg file or the mpv I’d try remuxing & then play the mpg to check my results. And so on.

I’ve not had a problem with a sudden out of sync part way thru’ the movie though, unless the movie came in 2 parts.