Need advice: DVD recorders w/ DVD-RAM & IR blaster

I’d like to buy a DVD recorder for my home A/V system, but I have some finicky needs and wants and I’m hoping you might be able to help me. Googling seems futile - there is so much garbage out there. :slight_smile:

I need it to:

  • have an IR blaster to control a Motorola digital cable box for channel changes (my VCRs support this feature too)

I want it to:

  • support DVD-RAM media (it seems the best reusable media and I already have some discs, plus I have several burners that read/record DVD-RAM media)
  • both DVD-R and DVD+R media… dual layer is nice but nowhere nearly essential
  • DVD-RW and DVD+RW of course

If I had to pick what was most important, DVD+R/RW and DVD-RAM would be.

I want it to be of good quality. Progressive scan is nice but not essential. I don’t need it to have a hard disk as I have a PVR digital cable box already. (This will be connected to a different TV/cable box for recording.)

Front A/V jacks are great so that I can dump other video content to DVD.

Any advice? Cheaper is better but I’ll pay a little extra for a good quality unit that will last and work well.

I’m in Canada; US models will work too.

Virtually any current RAM-capable recorder will meet all your requirements except the IR dongle. Suggest you narrow your search to that.

The IR blaster is really a key feature for me. I know a lot of recorders have them, but they are hard to find.

I’d give up -RAM to get an IR blaster, if I had to.

Pioneer models (I have 630HS) have IR blaster and can switch up to 3 Set Top Boxes… the channel it switches can be edited to fit the channel number on the STB, and it has ‘guide plus’ epg