Need Advice - DVD Media / Brand / - or +?

Ok got my shiny new NEC 3500AG - now I need to buy some media. I have the choice of:

  1. DVD+R, Ritek, 4.7GB, A Grade, 4x, Branded, 25pcs Pack

  2. DVD+R, Shintaro 4.7GB, 8x speed, 50pcs in Cake Case

  3. DVD+R, UL-Tran, 4.7GB, A-Grade 8xspeed, 25pcs, Printable

or same brand but DVD-R…

I’m looking at burning files and backup of my data and also recording some home movies onto DVD media.

Is there a difference between +R and -R?
What do I need to know?
Which brands of DVD Media are better than others?!?

Help… :confused:


Both of my 3500’s burn extremely well with Taiyo Yuden 8x in either - or +