Need advice buying a DVD Rom and CDR/RW



In general, a setup with both IDE and SCSI isn't a problem.
But there is another problem. You said you wanted to buy a DVD-Rom to use as source drive for 8x (or6x) audio writing. That's not a very good choice. I know lots of people who tryed to use a DVD as source and they had a lot of problems and conflicts between reader and writer. So my advice: don't put a DVD in the same system you use for burning.

About the scsi-card: the 2940 is a very good choice (I have one too). If you want to add a scsi-HD in the future, you have to make sure you get a bootable scsi-card. It would be very annoying if you want to connect a scsi HD and you see that there is no boot-chip on the card.

If are not going to use your writer to copy protected stuff, you don't need an RW. I use the RW's for testing; I try to copy a certain game on an RW, and if the copy works OK, I repeat the proces on a regular CDR.

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I’m looking to replace my CD-Rom and my CDR. I planned on getting a DVD-Rom (Hitachi 2500 or Hitachi 2500BX) and I was looking into either getting the Yamaha CRW6416SZ or the Teac CD-R56S-600.

Does anyone have any experience with the DVD-Rom mentioned above, if yes, are you happy with it? Any other suggestion for DVD-Roms? My main criterias in selecting the above DVD-Rom, is that it should be region-lock-free and fast enought for on-the-fly DAE for 8X copying. I know that the two recorders above are only 6X record.

In regards to the recorders above, I know that the Yamaha can rewrite and the Teac can not. Rewrite is not that important to me but reliable copies, overburning, and being able to read errors are important. Any suggestions on which of the two I should go with?

Lastly, any suggestions on a SCSI contoller card? I was looking at the Adaptec 2940, but I the only thing that I’d probably use the controller for is the recorder and maybe SCSI-2 harddrive that I would buy at some point in the future.

Thanks for your help. Oh, one last thing, because I’m going with an IDE reader (mostly on the fly buring of non-copy protected stuff) and a SCSI burner, are there any problems with this setup that I should know about?

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just want to say that i’ve been useing a DVD-ROM(AOpen 6/24)and a Cyberdrive 2/2/6RW and i’ve never head any problems copying anything
and only one coaster (i think it’s called


Hi, the Creative Soundblaster DVD is a verry cool one…
Included a MPEG card… (dunno what kind…)

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Thanks for all of your suggestions. The main reason why I’m looking at the Hitachi 2500 is primarily of two reasons. One, its region-lock-free. The second, according to cdspeed’s website, this is one of the few region-lock-free dvd-rom’s that can do on the fly burning at 8x.

Does anyone have the Yamaha 6416? What’s the verdict on this drive? Is it as good as the 4416 in terms of overburing and being able to read errors?