Need advice between two Asus and Pioneer burners

Okay, Cressida recommended the ASUS DRW-1608P3S burner to me in the Nero User forum, but unfortunately I delayed, and has been out of stock on them for a week. I would like advice on the following options (I am mostly using the DVD-Burner for Data Backup, would like Dual-Layer support, and mostly just want good quality burns):

Wait for to get more in - Normally I would do this, but doesn’t carry the beige ones (only black and silver) and they are back-ordered on these, and Pricewatch only shows five companies selling them, so I am worried they may be getting phased out by Asus.

Newegg has the drive available in black for a dollar more, but a black drive would look really dumb in my case.

Newegg has the drive as an open box for about two dollars more, but something about paying more for a used drive and a 15-day warranty makes me uncomfortable. has the drive OEM for less than Newegg, but I have always had good luck with Newegg and have never bought from eWiz.

Newegg has the Pioneer -111D which is the base model of the ASUS drive for about $4 more, but it seems to lack the FlextraSpeed and FlextraLink features of the Asus (I think), and I prefer the ASUS styling, although if the quality is the same, I would go this way.

Newegg has the ASUS DRW-1612BL- drive for about $4 more also, but I think it is a MediaTech and not a Pioneer. It got good reviews here, but I don’t know if it’s as good a drive as the 1608.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Hi [B]Tiger-Heli[/B], the Pioneer would be a logical choice as I believe these Flextra-things to be marketing babble only. I don’t know much about the 1612, but there’s surely a thread about it in the Asus/Pioneer Burner Forum. Another fine and comparable choice I noticed when browsing Newegg’s list would be the beige LG GSA-H10LI.

I wondered about that as well. It sounds like a nice feature, but all drives support under-run protection (just about, so I don’t know that it’s that revolutionary).

I don’t know much about the 1612, but there’s surely a thread about it in the Asus/Pioneer Burner Forum.

Yes, if you search the forum for “DRW-1612BL” you will get 5 or 6 hits, including a 3-page thread with sample burns,
but I don’t know what to look for in these.

From what I can gather, it is either a MediaTec or LG drive using a MediaTec chipset or ASUS internal design.

Another fine and comparable choice I noticed when browsing Newegg’s list would be the beige LG GSA-H10LI.

Actually, based on what I posted above and the specs of the two, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the ASUS 1612 is a re-badge of that drive. How do you think the LG would compare to the Pioneer? (So now I have three choices: ASUS 1612, Pioneer 111, or LG GSA-H10LI.)

OK, here we go:

Your safest bet: the plain-jane Pioneer (especially for DL burning)
More esoteric: the good looking LG (has LightScribe to toy with)
For the adventurous: the new Asus (the great unknown)

Remember, any manufacturer can let a marginal unit slip through at these prices, so why not get two and increase your chances of success. :wink:

Thanks Cressida, I think I am leaning towards the Pioneer. From what I have read the LG is not a bad option either though.

Question - I don’t really need Lightscribe. I typically burn about 8-10 SL DVD+R’s as backup about once every six month. I haven’t used DL, but might want to switch to it sometime in the future. I might occasionally want to copy DVD-video on the drive, but not often. Are any of the drives incable of doing this?

I read a post on the Pioneer being unable to Book-Set and the LG having a riplock, but not sure how that affects these concerns.

This comment by KG_evilboy in this thread:

If you burn DVDs, following drive brands are good:

Following brands are ok:
Sony/NEC Optiarc

Following drive brands are not good for DVDs:

If you want quality checks, go LiteOn, Plextor, or BenQ.
If you want high quality burns, go LG or Pioneer.
If you want a learning drive, go LiteOn, Plextor or BenQ.
If you want to burn lots of DVD-Video discs (= need bitsetting), go LG, LiteOn or BenQ.

made me think the LG would be better for DVD-Video, but I’m not sure what a riplock is or if the Pioneer won’t be able to do this or the LG is just better at it.

Any of these drives will do what you want, [B]Tiger-Heli[/B]. I’m not going to give any other advise for you to find out there’s still something missing. Just follow your heart and go for it. You can’t ever go wrong if you do that :iagree: :wink: .

Sorry for being ultra confusing. I never knew there was so much to consider on DVD-burners: Scanning drives, riplocks, learning drives.

I’ve always just bought the on-sale CD-ROM drive and been happy with it. However, my last on-sale DVD-RW drive was a Digital Research BTC re-badge and was highly unreliable. So after being burned once (sorry for the pun), I’m being extra careful this time.

Anyway, I really like the P1608 Asus drive. I think I’ll give Newegg one more day to get a new supply in and then I will likely order it from eWiz. Fallback options will probably be the Pioneer and then the LG and then the Asus 1612 in that order.

Thanks again for all the help and advice!!!

Looks good to me! If you want scanning too, get a second drive from Lite-On (SHM-165P6S would be nice, there’s an external version too (SX or EZ-Dub) or you can put it in a 5.25" enclosure yourself). Good luck!

Not sure about scanning (there was a newbie link about it that didn’t help much). As long as the drive can read what it burns (and preferably other drives can read what it burns) then I don’t need scanning. I don’t want it to fail verification on perfectly good burns that other drives will read fine, if that’s what it means.

Not meaning to be a smart-@ss, I really don’t understand the concept.

get a second drive from Lite-On (SHM-165P6S would be nice . . .

I actually considered the SHM-165P6S as a first choice drive - liked the learning feature (I did understand that) and another post gave it a good review here, but Newegg customers had 4 out of 4 comments DOA (two 2/5 and two 1/5 star reviews and none more positive) and mentioned NO manufacturer’s warranty, so that kinda made me chicken out on it.

Asus DRW-1608-P3S is on it’s way to me from eWiz (so they told me).

Thanks to all for the advice and assistance!!!

New Asus Drive arrived Thusday. Burned 8 DVD+R’s. Zero Coasters!!! Thanks to all for the advice (especially Cressida)!

The Asus is just a rebadged 111 with no other hardware.