Need advice! Benq 1620 locked at ~1.5x while reading DVD

tested with Nero CD-DVD Speed V3.61 (pressed DVD’s and Ritek 4x DVD+RW) though haven’t tried to burn yet. my firmware version is G7C9, OS - win2k. did i get a defective drive or what (100% sure that interface cable is ok - tried with 3 different cables, the drive is set to master and there are no drives connected to the same IDE channel)?

nVidia IDE drivers or old FW are my tips.

This is because use have a very old firmware. Flash with latest firmware and you can scan up to 16x with cd-speed 3.61

WNTR…is correct that was the same FW that came on my drive now I am using B7T9 with great results.

Make shure DMA is enabled.