Need advice, about to burn 100GBs of data

Hello everyone. I need some advice. I’m preparing to archive about 100 gigs of data (mostly .avis) on CDs and/or DVDs.

I have quality media (Maxell DVD/Memorex CD) that should last a couple of decades or so…using an NEC 2500A for the DVD burns and prolly would use my Lite-On 48x Combo drive for the CD burns (to save wear and tear on my NEC).

I currently have the newest Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6.x Plat and it seems stable enough.

My question is simple enough: are there a lot of ppl experiencing problems with the write quality/consistency of Roxio 6.x or is this more of a drive/media issue? In other words, would it be wise for me to seek out Nero which I see many posts about or even some good freeware burning software? (I’m not sure which are good)

You should have no problems with roxio as long as you use good quality media :slight_smile: