Need Ad-7740h 1.80 again

Hello, I’m looking for the HP AD-7740H 1.80, or other new firmware. From reading the post, I know it had ever been upload by liggy in the binflash.
but now the link expired, are there any other clue to get it?

Thank you in advance!

I don’t think I ever had this 1.80 firmware version. At least I cannot find it anywhere. On the site I had A842, 1.X0, 1.S0, 1.00 and 1.D1 for the Sony DRX-S90U which should be compatible hardware.

Thank you so much Liggy!
which link could I download those version?
the link in the page binflash project seems not work.

Sorry, I forgot to update the link on the Binflash project page. Fixed that and the file is now available on One Drive

Thank you so much!
This is really useful!