Need a working link to Clensweep 2000 full program



I have found this program on several sites but all the links are broken except on my freedrive account which i cannot download from because it says the 200Mb limit in 24 hours has been exceeded....anyone help?


Sorry people the file is Cleansweep 2000…well it is early in the morning…


its sux, and even fucked up my system…

i wouldn’t use it! I’m sure more peeps had same probs too!

Just say NO to cleansweep lol

Oh btw: you see that small Papericon up there? Try it, its called EDIT/DELETE!
handy huh :slight_smile:

#isogods on

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you can find it here as a 10meg file: greetz


Thanks for the advice Slingblade…will keep that in mind. :wink:
Squage…i had been to this site and i did not know that Cleansweep 2000 was version 4.7 and i already have it because i have just finished downloading system works 2000 but thanks for your help


Squage i used to use Fosi alot about a year ago but these days whenever i click to download something i get redirected back to the download page very time. Am i doing something wrong ?

This happens with IE and Nutscrape.