Need a way to check DVD quality using PIONEER burner



have some videos I burned to DVD+R DL memorex discs- all had successful writes, but only some had successful “verify’s” thereafter. I don’t have time to watch the videos to make sure they’re good so I was hoping to use nero speedcd/dvd or speedcd but my Pioneer DVR-110D isn’t supported.

Any other thoughts?

I have some screen shots of different +DL discs run in nero “BENCHMARK” mode- mind if I post some?


This disc was written and verified ok, It fully passed NERO “SCANDISK”, so here is the benchmark for it…


Try DVD Info Pro, I believe that supports Pioneer scanning.

CD-DVD Speed will support Pioneer drives with a registry tweak (and I believe the new CD-DVD Speed v4.50 supports Pioneer drives without tweaking?).

I don’t know if I’d trust a Pioneer scan, though. I’d use a LiteOn or a BenQ, if you have access to either.



Hi :slight_smile:
Try the latest version of CD/DVDSpeed (4.50). You can download from link in my sig.


sweet man, thanks for 4.5, I’m running it right now and will post some shots from some DL’s I’ve burned.

Are memorex Single-layers just as bad as their doubles? should I run scans on those too?

Also, I’m going to need help interpreting the findings of the “disc quality scan”

thanks a ton!


Memorex single-layers are generally regarded as crap, in that you don’t know who manufactures each disc (though they are Memorex branded). The manufacturers they use tend to be not so good.

You can find out the manufacturer from CD-DVD Speed (it’ll show the MID - media ID - in the Disc Info part).

And you’ll get plenty of help interpreting the scans here, they know their stuff! :slight_smile:


Well, I ran the quality check on two dvd’s. One I’ll call VIDEO #1 - that burned ok, verified ok after burn, nero benchmarked ok, nero scandisk’d ok but crashed nero speedcd 4.5

Video #2 - burned ok, did not verify ok, benchmarked with error, scand ok, and also crashed during nero speed cd 4.5 at nearly the exact same spot the first one did only I got a screen shot of it where it crashed: (see below):


I’m no expert on DL media, but it looks like it crashed at the layer break…


Hi :slight_smile:
The Pioneer is not a very good scanner, however it look like CD/DVDSpeed may have a problem with the layer break. (As already mentioned by Arachne not the best media either). Maybe you should try DVDInfoPro.

Edit: Arachne not content with teleporting my Infiniti DVDs, your now performing Vulcan mind control. :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:


Be afraid…be very afraid! :bigsmile:

As suggested, try DVDInfo Pro.


must be my drive…

I’m going to try a DVD+R SL right now… see what happens

this is verified, benchmarked and scanned disc that crashed with speedcd 4.5 and now dvdinfopro…

Does it at least look ok up until it crashed?


This is a verbatum DL disc I tried just for fun, next I’ll try SL

this dvd write ok, verified ok.