Need a video converter

ok i think i have the title right but here is the story about waht i need to do:
i use adobe premiere elements to edit with. i use dvd fab dectrypter platinum to make my dvds into divx. i want to make my divx format dvd ripp into avi so i can import it into adobe and edit out some parts. waht is the best video converter to do this with and also that will convert just about any video format into any format?

Sorry, I don’t mess with demuxing divx files. But you can check at, in the tools section, and you may find what you want. Just remember that each conversion will cause some quality loss.

Sounds like you’re taking the long way around the barn. :wink:

Won’t Adobe import DVD video directly? I mean before converting to DIVX. Better to skip the 2 extra conversion steps and save the video quality you’ll lose that way.

There’s a boatload of converter tools out there, most of which aren’t worth much. For simply editing out sections of a program, DVD authoring tools can do that, like TMPGEnc-Author, again after importing the DVD video directly.

Good catch CDAN. Iwas asleep at the wheel, and missed that he was converting the DVD to DIVX to start with…

hey thanks guys…this will help me a lot :slight_smile:

Use a frameserver such as Avisynth and edit as much as you want? That way you wont need to “encode” your source before impoirting it into Premiere.