Need a tutorial on ISO!

Just got my first burner a month ago.
I have been given some archives to copy, they are a “.iso” extension.
I am unfamiliar with this.
How do I copy it?
Why is ir preferable over a ,.zip or .rar?

EDs :rolleyes:

ISO is an older way of backing up CD’s. It isn’t used much these days. I suppose it is used over .Zip or .Rar because it puts everything from the CD into one big file including hidden things, directory structure, everything. All you have to do is to burn the file back onto a cd and hey presto a copy.

To burn your ISO try Nero, Adaptec, Alcohol, CloneCD. Any of these can do it. Simply open up the program click load file and find your ISO. You should see in the window if you are using Nero the directory structure and files NOT the ISO file.

I thought that ISO was not the best format as it does not hold and CP info and I don’t think it can handle audio tracks either, but I might be wrong.