Need a suggestion for a new DVD burner

Hello Folks,
I am looking to purchase a DVD burner soon. I am looking for suggestions. I am looking for a very high quality burner that has the following features:

Support for DVD+/-R/RW/R DL
Bitsetting for DVD+/-R/RW/R DL

I have had a problem with two of my Lite-On drives recently, they just suddenly stopped recognizing Verbatim DVD+R DL discs. So I am not sure if I want another Lite-On or not, unless it’s been tested and works well. I DO need bitsetting on all three types of DVD+R/W media because I have an older DVD player that won’t play the disc unless it changes the book type to DVD-ROM. I would like to purchase it either locally (Sacramento area) or from, if possible, as they’ve been VERY good to me. So does anyone have a suggestion? I’ve been looking at several, but some of the newer ones available on Newegg don’t have any reviews here, or very much in the forums on them yet. I typically rely on looking at reviews of a product over several different sites to get an idea of the pros and cons of each one.