Need a sugestion on what to buy

need a program that can take a purchased dvd and copy it to my laptop so when I go away on business trips I can watch the movies without the disc.

I would also like to be able to make a back up copy of the discs I buy for my kids. They dont take care of them the way I would like and I would much rather they ruin a back up copy then the one I bought for 25.

They use a xbox360 to watch movies so it would have to be compatible with that dvd player.

I want one program to do all the work i listed above and nothing more…any sugestions?

running vista 64 with 4 gb ram and intel duel core centrino 2 processor. plenty of space on hd

I suggest DVD neXt Copy Ultimate and it will do more as well plus they are about to give out an update to that version as well.

hey thats great! thank you for the advice. i dont know alot about this kind of stuff.

I am a simple minded person and can help you on you journey to knowledge on this program :slight_smile: