Need a slower burn speed (Sony D-22A)

I am using Power Producer to do a direct burn to disk of a VHS tape. I’m told to burn at 1X for best results. According to what I read, the Sony will only go down to a 2.4 burn on a DVD+R. I’m using both Fujifilm and Khypermedia media and seem to have equal luck w/both.

Problem is that I can’t get a burn speed of less than 4X on either media.

Also, if I try to save the VHS to the HD, it saves in some .ppp format which is only used by Power Producer. My VHS connection is though an Xpert DVDmaker USB 2.0.

Any way anyone knows to save in a different format?

I have asked tech support but that’s useless than utters on a B-29. All tech support for most of the stuff I use is either in India or Manila (seriously). All they know is to look through the documentation. I have yet to have one tach support person outside of the country say they ever used the item.


Thanks in advance.

The lowest speed for +R on any drive is 2.4x–that’s the lowest defined speed for +R. Only -R can go to 1x…

…but for best results, you should not burn at 1x, but instead burn at the speed that your burner is most suited for. The burn-at-1x advice was probably very good advice back in the Dark Ages (in the computer world, that’s just a few years ago ;)) when burners were slow, when 2x and 4x were relatively new fast speeds and 1x was the tried-and-true speed that was most reliable.

Most modern burners will actually burn at a lower quality at 1x or 2x (esp. if you force it to, which you can do). So just ignore what you’re told about 1x, as I’m 99% sure that it’s outdated advice that doesn’t apply to modern DVD burners.

I guess I didn’t figure that since I got the information in the manual which came with the product I bought just a week ago.

“When all logical explanations have failed, we must look to the illogical for answers.”

Talosian, I know what your talking about. It’s not so much that you need to burn at 2.4 because of the burner, it the standalone DVD players that they will be played on that you need to burn at 2.4. I have a DVD player that will not play any DVD that I burn above 2.4 speed. I had to hack my Liteon 1693 firmware to burn at a slower speed, to get it to
burn at 2.4 so the DVD will play on that player and any other player that it may be played on.

Talosian, burn your project at 4x and see if it plays on your DVD player, chances are that it will. If it won’t then look at burning at 2.4.