Need a Simple Recommendation

I am purchasing 50 burners for my office and would like to know what you guys recommend? I am checking out these but am not really sure if they have any known issues or crap out.


  • CD-R
  • DVD+R
  • DVD-R
  • Black Bezel (face)
  • P-ATA
  • Additional speeds and features are welcome.

Noise is not an issue. Looking for more speed/performance.

Thanks for any suggestions and comments.

You are not getting much in the way of responses because you have asked a question that has already been asked and answered many, many, many, many, many, many times.

Just look around and do a little reading here in the forums.

On EDIT: My original post seemed to come off a little harsh, which is not a good thing. So here is a little more information. Basically, your requirements can be met by many different drives. The Liteon 1693, which you linked to, is an excellent drive. In my opinion, the Benq 1640 is slightly better.

As long as you’re dealing with one of the top line drives, such as the Benq 1640, Liteon 1693, Nec 3540, Nec 3550, or LG-4163, or the Pioneer 110, then you will most likely be happy with your drive. If you’re looking for special features, such as the ability to write DVD-RAM, or the ability to perform quality scans, then those requirements do make a difference.

But as far as just making good quality burns, then the most important criteria is the quality of the blanks that you purchase. The Benq 1640 and the Nec 3540 seem to get along with more different brands of blank discs then the Liteon or LG or Pioneer. But if you are willing to limit yourself only to Taiyo Yuden blanks, then any of the drives I mentioned above will produce excellent results.