Need a SATA DVD-Rom Drive Or Converter Cable

I was think of putting toegther a new computer soon but the motherbaord that I like has only one IDE Channel on it. Since I have a NEC 3500, Lite-On 52327S and a DVD-Rom all on IDE I am stuffed.

Other than choosing a new motherbaord anyone got any suggestions. I havn’t seen a SATA DVD-Rom yet but I though I would ask. If not has anyone seen a converter cable that would connect into the SATA channel.

Any suggestions will be welcomed.


But I do not know how long till its officially out, although some time has passed.

I was hoping for something alittle cheaper. Also it is a burner as well and since I have the Lite-On it seems like overkill. I’m not OC-Freak here. :wink:
I was hoping for just the ROM part for the DVD Drive.

Cheers though.

They do sell PATA to SATA converters. I seen them on ebay and small PC shops in my area. They avg about $20 in the store I do not know howmuch you can win them for though. The advantage of a converter of course is that you can hook it up to any drive you want or will upgrade to in the future.

I think nobody is like OC-Freak!!! :wink:

this one looks nice

A pci IDE card is out of the question? Some (like with Silicon chipset) work with ODD - OC knows which ones for sure.

May I ask what M/B brand/model has only 1 IDE channel? I am just curious to see it… :slight_smile:

May I ask what M/B brand/model has only 1 IDE channel? I am just curious to see it…
Me too :iagree:

A PCI card is not out of the question but with 8 SATA ports it seems alittle silly.

Behold possibly my new board, expect I am not sure yet, so probably, it is a nice board though, so maybe, also depends on what they bring out next. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway clicky clicky.

My recollection is that has these.

I think my solution is best, just buy some add-on adapters… and foughettaboutit!!! :wink:

SVC.Com = American
Womble = English

Do they ship worldwide?

At least I know they exist now. I couldn’t find a reference to them anywhere.

Cheers all.

Model GA-8ANXP-D
CPU Type Socket 775
CPU FSB 800/533
Chipset Intel 925X
Memory type Dual Channel, DDRII 533/400
Memory socket DDRII6
Max. Memory 4 GB
Graphics interface PCI-Express x 16
PCI-Express 3
ISA slot 0
Raid Function Yes
LAN Broadcom 5751+Marvell 8001
Audio Azalia (Realtek ALC880)
Codec channel 8
Serial ATA, 1PATA
USB 1.1 Same as USB 2.0
USB 2.0 11 (6 by cable)
DualBIOS Yes
PCB size 30.5
24.4 cm
Form Factor ATX
IEEE 1394 Yes, 1394b

Common for 915/925 motherboards to have only one P-ATA connector.

Would be helpfull if they made more SATA drives though. I suppose they will come along at some stage.

Optical disk drive makers are too conservative. :a

The Highpoint Rockethead PATA-SATA converter is a good one. I’ve heard of people running ATAPI drives on them. They’re cheap enough to try one and see how it goes. Low Profile too, you gotta watch that with the converters.

Your biggest problem will be getting things like firmware flashers and testing tools to work.

Your biggest problem will be getting things like firmware flashers and testing tools to work.

Not so good then. I was planning on a nice Lite-On drive to do lots of media testing.

Four out of six of my PATA-to-SATA converters say “HighPoint Technologies, Inc. Model: RocketHead 100” on the top side. They look a lot better than the two others that I got with my first Silicon Image SATA 3112 PCI card. The HighPoint converters were free bonus from a guy who sold his HighPoint 8-ch. PCI RAID card.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to use any of them to use an ODD drive to SATA though I’ve tried at least 10 different combinations. How frustrating.

The Intel chipset SATA controller is the only one tested with LiteOn SATA drives, but I have no idea if Kprobe will work with it. Kprobe certainly doesn’t work on SATA drives here. Same for firmware flashing. Using SIL SATA controllers. Although I do know where to find an, um, modified firmware flasher that does work on my SIL controllers.

This is an old post, so you may no longer need this info…

If you are looking at the GA-8ANDXP-D, it comes with one PATA to SATA adapter in the box- which may take care of the issue you were worried about…

UP !

Now that there are several DVD-ROM models with S-ATA interface on the market, i’d like to know which one would be the best…

  • Asus DVD-E616A3T
  • Samsung SH-D163B
  • GDR-H20NR