Need a replacement DVD Drive foe Gateway 7110GX Laptop

Current model: HLDS GWA-4040N

This model still works, but the faceplate is broken. I can still depress the button to get the DVD/CD to eject, but it takes some doing to get it to “catch”. The laptop was accidentally dropped, hard enough to break the screen and screen inverter, which have both been replaced.

I was reading in this forum about the LG GWA-4040N. Some people think that is an excellent drive. I trust LG myself, as I own several, including the 4167 and 4163.

Now I would also like to know if laptop DVD drives are, in general, interchangeable. Or, do all manufacturers make different form factors?

Anyway, I would appreciate some suggestions and comments on what brand and model I need to replace my DVD drive. It needs to have a black bezel, and it needs to be readily available so that I can order it online. The LG GWS-4040N is apparently only available in a couple of places. Thanks.