Need a Recommendation for DVD burner

After reading all these threads about the new DVD burners out and coming out I’m a bit confused on what to get. My TDK CDRW and my generic dvd-romjust flaked on me and I need to replace them soon. I’m stuck in trying to decide if I should get an NEC 3500 or a Plextor 712.

I would like to a have a reliable burner to archive all the Anime I download using CD-r’s and DVDr’s. I would also like to be able to rip music cd’s and back up dvd movies. I would like the dvd burner to be able to write reliably and quickly using a broad range of media. I usually buy Midrange to high end media for backing up my anime. for movies and other data I use cheaper media from places like Office depot, Staples, Costco.

One other thing If I was to get an NEC 3500. I want to get a retail packaged one. I read that the TDK 1616 is a rebadged NEC 3500. I looked online but could not find it. Is this drive only available in other countries other than the United States? Know of any place I can get it?

Thank you for answering my Newbie questions. :bow: :stuck_out_tongue:

no reply? =(

Okay how about where can I find the TDK 1616 in the STates…?

Personally have a BenQ 1620. Its is a very good drive especially with the recent firmware updates. I’ve had two NEC drives both worked well although they are not good readers. You can find the BenQ here:

I hope so. I orderd one wed when they had a 1 day special for $59.99.

The Mad Dog 16x burner is also a rebadged NEC. OfficeMax has it $79.99 after a MIR this week.

Read the stickies, esp. the one at the very top of this forum that addresses your specific question. Please ask in that thread instead. There have been far too many “what burner to buy??” threads, and people are posting the same answers over and over again.

Thank you for the replies and sorry for posting.