Need a recommendation for cd autorun and menu software

Hello all, I have searched but can not find any indication of a preferred or recomended solution.

I need to obtain either free or fee software that will allow me to create a multimedia cd with PDF files that will autorun and start a menu.

I have tried a few free or demo pieces out there and have come across 2 i like but wanted the experts opinion since this is my first attempt at such a project.

I have used Autorun Max by Indigo which has been pretty nice to work with and have also used Autorun Typhoon there is about a 10$ difference in price so not a real big issue there.

I have tried a few free alternatives but was not impressed, most likely since I am not a programmer and they seems to be a bit complicated for creating a simple menu to select a movie some documents and send email etc.

I appreciate any advice.

No one ?.. Man i thought someone would have had some idea of a good program to accomplish this task.