Need a recomendation please

Hi there im trying to find the best dvd reader/writer i can get for my money here are my options

LG GSA-4160B

Gigabyte GO-W0808A

Nec ND3500A

Samsung TS-H552

Thx Heaps for any help


My personal oppinion: get the Nec (good reader, good writer, cheap, compatible to nearly every media, also herrie, maddog etc try to improve the firmware)

Also use the search function to get information about this devices :wink:

The NEC is the best writer of the bunch, IMO. It’s an okay reader, but a better solution is to buy a DVD-ROM drive for reading if you can. LiteOn’s 166/167 drives are available in the $30-40 range, and are much faster readers. If you’re making backup copies of your DVD’s, you will also be able to rip from a DVD-ROM faster than from most DVD writers.

Agree on the NEC, had zero complaints about mine thus far.

I would also consider the BenQ 1620 or even Liteon 1633/53. The reason is the ability to do error scanning and bitsetting on +R single layer. Error scanning can save you money in the long run by helping to determine the best burn speeds for given media. It can also uncover quality problems with media that can be very frustrating without such a tool. The BenQ is showing some very good burn quality now. You could inquire at the BenQ and Liteon forums if you want to know more.

I will pick the Lite on 163/165 or Nec 3500A :slight_smile:

Thx heaps all :bow: , went with the nec.
Only got the OEM pack tho retail box would have been nice.
Now i just need to figure out how to use it.
At the mo i cant back up my DVDs or view DVDs :confused:
Ill search the other threads because i know this isnt the place

Go to NEC forum and read up

From what I read around, NEC 3500A will deem you no headaches, unlike some others that possibly can.
Lite-on is nice too because of all ther tools (ie: K-Probe) & bit-setting

Hmm, managed to back movie up to HDD, this took 4 Hrs tho usingdvd shrink.

I am planning on getting the lite-on-166s will this allow me to rip dvds faster, also compatibility an issue ?

This is a wicked site but there is just so much info for a pleb tard like me :iagree:

Also my NEC came with no dvd software except nero oem which wont let me watch spiderman :sad: what dvd viewer do you recomend.

I do realise that there is different forums for some of these Q’s but the help here so far has been great and to the point.

Thx Ben

Afternoon there Dogmatix (love the name :wink: ) Anyways, yeah, a seperate DVD-ROM drive will be MUCH better for ripping. Alot of it depends on the specs of your computer though and what quality settings you are using in DVD Shrink. Also did you check to make sure the DMA was enabled on your burner? For watching DVDs on the PC, I recommend a full version of WinDVD. Mine is a little bit older (WinDVD4) but I have never really had any problems with it, unlike a number of people who have issues with Power DVD.