Need a read me or know how



i have a new Sony DUR-810A dvd burner drive that is dual Layer i was looking for any post on how to get the movies that i BUY that has 2 disk’s with them on to one disk … and beside’s T.Y. blank media what other media would be good for this any help will be X-cepted thxs… :cool:


Hello and welcome kacal. The feature you want is already in the works and will be called “Merge” according to the author of the program. He said in another thread that it would in an upcoming beta release. :clap:


When you try to put two movie disc in to one disc you are drastically compromising the quality of your copy and that is not advisable.


Sure, but I think he wants to put 2 SL discs to a DL disc ?


I took it that way too. It will be able to do this, like the re-author function in DVDShrink.