Need a rather quiet drive and good quality burns



Hi all,

I’ve read the Forum the whole day but can’t come to a conclusion (like many other as I see). I need a new Burner because my NEC-2500 died on me. I’ve read alot about the current BenQ and LiteOn models, but somebody stated that the BenQ is quiet loud. I need the drive as a total allrounder: I need good quality burns on normal DVD and DL media but most important is the noise that it makes when watching movies or listening to music. I have another noisy Toshiba DVD drive in my system which I can’t use for that and the NEC was rather quiet. Shame it’s dead that bastard!

What do you think would suit me? I’ve read a positive review on the Samsung drive the SH-W163A. Do you think it would be a good idea to get one of those? And another member in yet another thread wrote the LiteOn 165P6S would adjust it’s speed according to what it has to do. I had a LiteOn in the past and it was horribly loud though therefore I’m a little sceptic…I also want to listen to classical music and already invested alot to make my PC quiet. I’d highly appreciate your suggestions. Thanks for listening! :bow:


The quietest drives I’ve come across have been the LG ones, and Pioneer. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your quick reply! Can you name a specific model? I’ve read some negative reviews on the current Pioneers. Will continue my research tomorrow though to find out what has been fixed with later firmwares. Haven’t looked into LGs at all yet however.


the pioneer 111 is the model after the 109 that had some problems. IMO the pioneer 111 is a very good burner. When it comes to dual layer burning it rules.


Just read the 111 reviews here on cdfreaks.
Where have you read some negative reviews about this drives?


The review I read was this one:

This particular quote “Moving on to burning quality and CD quality in particular, the drive did not manage to produce good quality CD burns, even at low speeds (32X), and according to CDX Clover Systems, none of the five burned media produced a “GOOD” condition.
DVD burning quality has not changed that much from the previous firmware. Even though it has expanded the 16X DVD-R compatibility list, the quality, according to CD-DVD Speed and Plextools at that speed was good to average.”

Is there some hacked firmware which takes care of those issues? The cdfreaks review also got some remarks about limited support of some 16x media in it which was reduced to 12x. Not that this would bother me much if the drive can make excellent burns at 12x though! Speed isn’t that important. But something else regarding the loudness of the drive:

gregtherotterius you asked in this thread why people would flash their 110s to another firmware to use something called “quiet drive”. The thread argues that this feature doesn’t work for 111s, but why would people want it to work on 111s if it’s already quiet enough? Does it reduce it’s speed automatically when you listen to mp3s or watch a DVD like the LiteOn drive?

And one more thing: Quoted from the cdrinfo review “Pioneer has released overall, five DVR-111 models, two Multi Recorders and three Dual. These are the DVR-111DBK (Dual), the DVR-111DSV (Dual), the DVR-111D (Dual) ,the DVR-111 (Multi Recorder) and the DVR-111BK (Multi Recorder).”

I don’t know what happened since I bought my last recorder. What is the difference between a Dual and a Multirecorder? I thought the multi could burn dual layer as well? And what’s the difference between the DSV and the DBK? Also what is a “two sheep” burner?? :confused:


Ok I’ve just read that the dual models can’t write DVD RAM but can be crossmodded to a full 111. The rest of the questions remain however. :slight_smile:


Another question: Is the BenQ still loud If you use the Nero Utility or CD Bremse to reduce it’s speed?

If if I’d want an LG which one should I get? The GSA-4166B, 4167B or the “Super Multi” drive H10A?

Which is quietest? I think CDFreaks should include some noise tests or doesn’t anyone care about noise at all only speed? :slight_smile:


I just read an CDDA test today including some actual burners and the Pio 111 (firmware 1.19) produced the best burns of them all with CD-R media.

Competitors were Benq 1640, LG GSA H20L, Liteon 165P65, Nec ND 4551, Plextor Px 760, Samsung SHW 163, Asus CRW 5332A3, Plextor Plexwriter Premium2, Plextor PX230A.


By “CDDA” do you mean a certain magazine or website, or are you just using it as meaning “Compact Disc Digital Audio”?

If this information is available online, I would like to see it! :slight_smile:


Not for playing audio CDs they’re not, cos LG’s play them at high speed, as do NEC’s. High-speed playing of audio CDs is unnecessary and really noisy, and is certainly no good for the original poster, as he wants a drive for playing music CDs. Samsung, Pioneer and LiteOn are the drives to look for if you want quiet playing of audio CDs. Sound quality on LiteOn’s is not great, but the sound quality on Samsung’s is just amazing. Pioneer’s are also excellent for this.

So basically I recommend Samsung or Pioneer for music. Samsung being my personal favourite, as they give amazing sound reproduction with deep bass. I have a Samsung SH-W162C DVD RW, and the sound quality for audio CD playback is out of this world. :slight_smile:


Chef, have you got your Samsung 163 yet?


I miust have a rogue LiteOn (the 1693S)…it sounds like a whirlwind when reading either CDs or DVDs (and I’ve actually read reports from other members that their Liteys were the same).

I know my Pio 110D was very quiet, either with CDs or DVDs.

However, these are my own experiences only :wink:


LiteOn DVD burners have a technology called SMART-X, which dynamically adjusts the reading speed to the rate that data is being read off the drive.

When you rip, copy or benchmark a CD/DVD this means that the disc will be read at full speed, but if you only e.g. play an Audio CD or watch a DVD movie the drive will slow down considerably after a few seconds.

Maybe your whirlwind experience is from the LiteOn 1693S running at full speed?


Hehe, looks like I’ll be playing an audio CD in my Litey tomorrow (the LG isn’t in my box at the moment).

But hey, I’m happy to be corrected :smiley:


Heres a scan of a Taiyo Yuden cd burnt with the 111 and the BenQ 1650 at full speed;

The top writing speed of the pioneer 111 is 40x and 48x with the BenQ 1650. Theres not really much of a difference when it comes to burn quality if you ask me.


As we are also talking about the quietness of audio CD playback on DVD RW drives, do BenQ’s spin-down for audio CD playback? I ask because I’ve never had a BenQ. Also does anyone know about Plextor’s as well? Like the original poster, drives that spin-down audio CD is important to me as well, as I play a fair amount of music CDs on my PC.

I can confirm these drive makes that do and don’t spin-down for audio CD playback -

Samsung, Pioneer and LiteOn do.
LG and NEC don’t.

Hoppenstedt, the Pioneer DVR-111 and the newer Samsung’s (SH-W162C +) have excellent burn quality and they are quiet for both DVD video and audio CD playback. So these two are your best bet. :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your answers! Although many of my questions remain you helped me to narrow down the decision to the Pioneer DVR-111 and the Samsungs SH-W162/163. I’m not yet shure what to get. A friend of mine has a Mac G5 which is equipped with a DVR-109. Recently we watched a movie and the drive constantly spinned up and down and was quite noisy. Could be some old firmware or buffer setting in his VLC player of course. I’ll look into that. Can an owner of a BenQ describe the noise of his drive under different applications? Does it adjust itself like a LiteOn or as I get it a Samsung or is it a constant whirlwind?


Yup, sorry. It was a test for storing/burning audio on CD (CDDA or even flac in data mode) mainly.
Haven’t seen it online, sorry. It is published in the german mag c’t 12/06 which comes out tomorrow.


It’s in the pipeline, I expect it any day now. :wink: