Need a quiet combo or DVD burner

Ok, looking mainly for a reader, not a burner, so even a DVD-ROM would be fine, but I have no problems getting a combo drive or DVD+RW drive if the price is right.

Main things I’m looking for in it:

  1. Quiet - My Lite-On 166S is driving me NUTS;
  2. Fast reader for CDs & DVDs.

I’m currently looking at a Samsung 52x32x52x16 CD-RW/DVD combo drive; I’ve heard elsewhere they’re pretty quiet - but I’ve also heard they have pretty poor write quality, but that’s not too worrisome.

I was considering the new LG drive reviewed here, but 40x CD is a bit too slow for my primary reader! I’d like at least 48x.

Is the NEC 3520 quiet? Good for CD burning? I know they’re supposed to be pretty good DVD writers…

Any advice greatly appreciated!