Need a Quality DVD Burner

I need a burner to replace my LITE-ON SOHW-1693S

The Brand Doesn’t Care

I need a burner that Gives the Best Quality DVD Burns.

Interface Needs to be SATA or USB or Firewire

Also need to be able to set the BOOT Type to DVD-Rom

TY for your Help in Advance

@ bns2000,

Suggest reviewing the Forum Rules and note the comments concerning Double Posting.

Suggest reviewing the Read First posting “The Top Optical Drive Of 2008” ->


lol not a double post.

  1. Ones in the Main Forum the other is in the lite-on Forum
  2. They are worded differently. One says The Brand Doesn’t Care the other doesn’t.

I did this 1 Because I love Lite-on and wanted to see what the Lite-on people would say. The other is in the main to see whats the overall best one :slight_smile: Doesn’t seem to be a Double Post to me.

Also the post you showed me is almost a Year Old. Seems out of date to me.

Am I wrong?

Can anyone answer his question
I want to know to

Whats the best one out today

The best over $50
and the best under $50



Whats the best one out today


The BEST doesn’t exist, maybe the best for you. But we don’t know your priorities. Is reading very important, CD burning a matter, want you test your burns, DL burning of great importance, noise a matter, SATA or IDE and so on. Nearly every good burner costs below 50$.