Need a profile for the Sansa "Connect"

[qanda]This thread is about the Sandisk Sansa Connect. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have read in other places that this player can only support 15fps - but I want to give it a shot anyway :wink:

I tried my ol’ Sansa View profile to no avail.

Anyone else out there got this one running? Or can at least point me at a tool to wrench the specs out of the player?

Thanks a bunch,

Many of these devices come with a sample video file preloaded. If it did, transfer the sample file to your PC and look at it with MediaInfo/AVICodec etc. At 15 fps, sounds like video playback was an afterthought. The specs link in your post doesn’t even mention video playback.

Hi, Signals -

I thought of that. This one didn’t.

I agree about the video being tacked on secondarily, but as long as I have the thing, I figure… why not use it?

There’s a sansa video converter which created a video on the player for me, but the a/v was out of sync, so I don’t think I can really use it.

Too bad, that’s usually a good shortcut. I also googled it looking for specs but didn’t find any. If I were trying this I think I would try out a short piece of video, like a single chapter from a DVD, with 2 or 3 different profiles in DVD to Mobile and dump the output of all 3 onto the device and see which it recognized as video. Then you can take that one and further refine the settings for bitrate, framerate etc. Try the one for the LG9400 cellphone, it has lots of choices for framerate and makes MP4 files. For an AVI file try the Generic xvid+MP3. Keep the video bitrate below 250 kbps for starters and move it up until the device starts dropping frames. Use 320x240 for the output size. You should be able to look at the file that the sansa converter made to see something about what the device accepts.