Need a Power Supply!


I have an ASUS P4P800 Deluxe and i need a PSU for it. The video card is a Nvidia 6800GT AGP requires a connection to the PSU. :a My 550 watt Enermax died tonite :a . Where can i find a new PSU for my motherboard and video card?


not sure what power connection that video card needs but here are two great PSUs.

you wont be disappointed by either of these, both are made by seasonic and have modular cables and 80%+ efficiency, the 520w has 40A on the 12v rail and the 620w has 50A. I have the 620w myself and it is the most stable PSU I’ve ever used :cool:

If you are on a tighter budget this is an excellent PSU also

EDIT: that new corsair 450w that [B]A2J[/B] linked to looks solid too :iagree:

I have a Seasonic M12 700 watt modular 80%+ efficiency. I don’t need all that but it’s nice to not over work a PSU.

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I have a non SLI video card. It is also AGP 8x instead of PCI-E.


Aren’t 600W+ PSUs a bit overkill for your system?

Anyway, all the units listed will be great, some just might be a lot more than you need. I guess you would be covered if you got a new power hunger system.

Yes, i prefer overkill just in case.


There are only a few “real mfr’s” of power supplies.

Hmmm…I wonder who is building those Corsairs ?

Enhance PSUs are top quality
here is a review by a respected PSU reviewer of the 400W model they make.
I believe Silverstone and Enhance are the same OEM but I could be wrong about that.
The rails on this unit are 12V1 = 18A and 12V2 = 18A not sure about the others but they shouldn’t be a factor.

a 550 enermax shouldn’t have died unless it overloaded with dust?

newer power supplys are backwardsly compatible with older motherboards and video cards

Fortron (FSP) are also good PSUs, if you find one. :slight_smile:

I prefer the Seasonic Brand. I have the S12 600W and its as quiet as a mouse. And more power than you will ever need.:iagree:

seasonic :wink:

It was not dust that killed my PSU. I used canned air on a regular basis.


Now that’s good news :iagree:

I clean a lot of computers that are used in very dirty enviroments, some not so dirty, pet hair/dandruff, etc are the worst culprits in household use. Canned air is like spitting in the wind, peeing on a forest fire etc. I have been using 120 psi with a jet nozzle for 5 years now, and sometimes it takes going over several times to get it all.
It takes that kind of force to clean a power supply with 2 fans.

Course one good voltage surge(protective surge power strip or not) can weaken a power supply and cause premature failue.

Go with the Corsair HX-series (520W or 620W) or Seasonic S12 430W. All will be enough to power your computer and they’re all very silent and good quiality overall.

Got the Corsair 620 myself, powering 8 optical drives, 2 SATA hard drives, dual core X2, GFX with PEG plug, 4-GB RAM, three 120-mm/one 92-mm/one 80-mm fans. It’s very silent and great quality, as mentioned before.

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I will probably order PC Power & Cooling’s TURBO-COOL® 510 ATX. I know it cost alot but it is highly rated and comes with a five-year warranty…


Perhaps a little noisy at 30-44dB.

I’ve been very satisfied with my Seasonic S12 which is virtually silent.