Need a patient person to talk me through vinyl to ipod transfer


I have just got a Numark TT USB turntable and want to transfer vinyl to my ipod. The turntable comes with Audacity software. I have managed to rip the vinyl on to my PC. I can play the tracks using the Audacity software - but no matter what I try I cannot convert the track to anything which my iTunes library likes.

I’m looking for someone (patient) who can talk me through the entire process. With over 4000 pieces of vinyl you can imagine I am keen to get started. I am in London UK.

Thanks in anticipation of your help.

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Ken, we can’t literally talk you through it, but hopefully you should get plenty of help here.

For starters, doesn’t Audacity make .wav files from your vinyl tracks, which can be imported and converted to .mp3 by iTunes?

Audacity doesn’t come with the mp3 encoder so you have to download it. Just read the instructions here and then you’ll be able to export files as mp3s.

That’s true, but iTunes has .mp3 encoding built in IIRC.

I think with the encoder you should be able to capture as a mp3 rather than go through a conversion procedure.

If you’ve recorded a full LP (or even one side) as one track in Audacity, you’ll probably want to cut out the individual songs. That’s easy by just looking at the waveform where the pauses between tracks are. But it’s hard monotonous work. There are some other programs around that try to do this for you automatically, as well as clean up the sound (Magix Music Cleaning Lab springs to mind). Might be worth considering if you’ve got so many records to convert.

Dear` all,

I have cra`cked it and have been able to complete the end to end process. Many thanks for your advice, support and assistance.