Need A Nimh Battery Charger - The Best One Please

what is the best NIMH battery charger on the market now.
what NIMH batteries are the best?

I reckon Panasonic NIMH are one of the best, charged with an “intelligent” charger that doesn’t overcharge.

MAHA are pretty much the best and so are there batteries.


I personally have the third one down - C204W - and it works really good-

Their battery prices are some of the best on the net-eh!

I’ll second the MAHA recommendations. I’ve had a C204F for years and last year got a C204W. Both perform flawlessly. :bigsmile:

Check out these reviews for more info:



Thanks for this great post as I was also looking for rechargeable batteries. What makes this even better is that this company not only ships to my APO address, but they do so at a fair S&H rate. Believe me, sites like this are hard to find, and it’s now bookmarked!

On a side note and hopefully not to hijack this thread, what brand of non-rechargeable AA/AAA batteries does the forum recommend? I usually use Duracell or Energizer as that’s what’s easily available here, but always looking for suggestions for something better.


Good reading:

The LaCrosse Technology BC-900 is regarded as one of the best there is.

I’ve tried a bunch of different batteries and I prefer the Sanyos, the Powerex are good as well. The Sanyos just seem to hold a charge better.
The older Maha chargers somethimes overheat the batteries, perhaps the new ones are better. Didn’t like the Nexcell batteries that I have tried. The LaCrosse looks pretty cool; haven’t tried it but when I upgrade my charger I’ll probably get that or the Sony which is sometimes on sale.
For AAA batteries there are far fewer choices, again, the Sanyos are good.

Some of the batteries can be charged very quickly, if that’s important match the charger to the batteries carefully.

Are these MAHA batteries the longer-lasting rechargables for what are considered “high-drain” devices like digital cameras? Also, if anyone uses these for their digital cameras (I’m considering getting a FujiFinePix S5200, IIRC that would need them), how long does the charge hold up with using zoom and taking pictures?

Yes they are made for high-drain.

It is really hard to say how long they will last, I have not found a recent battery
review to help. Last one was done over a year ago.

I have some Sunpak 2650’s in my Canon S1 IS right now but I have only
taken a few hundred pictures.

Zooming and using the back LCD will drain them more but with so many cameras on the market it’s hard to say how long they last.

Thanks, Megadeth! I’ll read that review. It seems I might get 2 sets of rechargables, so one is in the camera and the others are for “standby” when the first set is drained. I’m looking for a replacement to my Sony DSC-S50 that is not Sony, but has the same kind of “long life” battery mine does (will hold 180 minutes on a full charge). Of course, using zoom and otherwise keeping things automatic like I do usually means in reality ~ 2 hours of fairly regular shooting before the battery bites the dust, or about 325 pictures.

i have this one and i think it’s great… plus u can optionally buy a 2500mah batts… the charger comes with 2200mah batts… and the great thing is it only takes about 15minutes to fully charge your batteries :wink: (the charger is a 15min charger) … in reality it might be a little less than 20minutes to charge em… i think i timed it around 18ish minutes before but im sure it varies from time to time.

i use mine (the 2200mah ones) in a Sony DSC-P72 digital camera and im definately happy with them… plus even when they die in about 20minutes your back up and running again :wink: … cant really beat em if u ask me.

here it is…

i bought mine from wal-mart though but thats the same one i got :wink:

the important thing I could not find in the above review is about how long the batteries last fully charged. 1 hour? 2 hours? What is your typical time they last for?

I’m an old time battery guy, so I’ll take a stab at this.

The best AA/AA/9V smart, fast charger that I have ever used is the Ray-O-Vac 60 minute charger. Get one if you can find them still on the shelves. It charges each cell by itself and does so wonderfully. It can handle NiMH and NiCd cells (one chemestry at a time) and can handle any mixture of AA/AAA cells (or just one 9V–why? Who even uses them? :slight_smile: ). I’ve never had a problem with mine and it’s some 5 years old.

All NiMH cells will handle high drain applications with ease. Something that will make a Li-ion cell explode will just cause a NiMH cell to grunt a little.

I have used NiMH cells in a Canon A40 and now an A95. I use flash when necessary and always use the display–and often leave the camera on and fiddling with it for long periods. With that usage pattern, I normally have to change memory card before I have to recharge cells. And I normally use a 512MiB card. If you want, take a second set of cells. If you really need it, take a charger and ping-pong them between camera and charger. If you can use up cells faster than a camera, you’re doing something amazing. :slight_smile:

I’d recommend against the MAHA-204 family. They charge batteries in pairs and aren’t very bright. I’ve had one for a long time and rarely use it any more as I no longer trust it–it’s cooked too many cells. And, it’s slow. :slight_smile:


I have had pretty good luck with a couple of these chargers
They do charge single cells (not in pairs) which is what I have always been leed to believe is best. I have used several brands and capacities of batteries and even my old panasonic’s do decent enough (I think they are 1900mAh). they are not bad compared to higher capacity ones so I usally just get what ever name brand ones are cheap. fry’s and microcenter run them on sale for 5$ per 4 or less from time to time and biglots gets them for about 5-6$ from time to time. In fact I recently got some digital concepts ones for 5.99 that came with 4 c and 4 d adapters (plastic adapters that let you use aa as c or d batteries). I have used them in a canon a40, canon a70 and there doesn’t seem to be a huge diffrence between higer and lower capacity ones as far as run time (with the cameras I have used anyway). I can live with a little less battery life if the price is substantially cheaper which the ones around 2000-2100 mAh can be when on sale (even some higer capacity ones go on sale cheap too though).
As far as how long they last in a camera, I think it depends quite a bit on the camera. Scroll down to the bottom of this page where they talk about battery life.

what about the maha MH-C401FS charger?
energizer 15 min charger?
and Lightning Pack 4000N?
all these are NIMH battery chargers.

‘The Best’ is always going to be a matter of opinion based on features plus quality plus price and probably a dozen other variables; everyone will have their own priorities.

In my opinion, you ought to buy whatever MAHA charger you can afford with the features you like and don’t worry about the rest.

As for batteries, I have Energizer 2500mah AAs I use with my Canon S2 IS and I love them. I have read reviews saying MAHA batteries are great too.

If 4 NiMH 1600 mAH batteries can last ~ 5 hours on the test, then I would think it reasonable 4 2500 mAH should last that long or close to it.

I bought a Duracell 15-minute charger for $15. Amazon has a 1-hour charger for $23 and it comes with 4 AA batteries. The price varies depending on the rating of the battery. Newer AAs with 2500 mAh cost more than older ones with 2000 mAh. A rechargeable supposedly lasts 4 times longer than an akaline.

Plexed, when you use your batteries, please get an approximation of how long they last when you use your camera and report back, as this is information that is largely missing from most reviews. Please list the what kind they are (2000 mAH, 2500 mAH, etc.), about how many pictures you got before the batteries died, and how long the batteries lasted. :wink: