Need a New Version or Beta

It has been awhile since anymore releases. Why??? I understand people are having trouble with this version but there hasn’t even been mentioned about a beta or another final version. Really over the last week I haven’t seen dvdfab really comment about any new beta or new version. Some type of communication really is needed or people will look for other products. Not putting down dvdfab but they need to let us know something. This is why it is good to have a few tools in your toolbox. I like dvdfab alot but no cummication is a let down for those of us that support the product.

Believe me I would rather have Fengtao working on the program than spending his time here. He will communicate whe he has something to report. Its not like we have not heard from him in a month, somethings take a little time, patience is a virtue. :iagree:

I know this but usually he does but he hasn’t in awhile. I’m having to use dvdfab platinum for ripping and compressing. I then try and open up in shrink to see if it is compliant, if not I run it through fixvts to fix it (not often). Then I use imgburn to create and burn my iso. I have to do this for now until a beta or any new release comes out. No biggie but using platinum for just a decrypter, compressor, and having to pay for it stings me a little. I’m still trying to be patiet and respectful. No disrespect toward dvdfab at all! Happy Holiday’s to everyone!!!

you can still copy the movie. I have been copying through FAB and then burning them through another one. it works ok.
FAB have the software to decode these movies but a bug to stop burning, for the moment.
SO copy with FAB and burn with DVD shrink.
works for me.

Sorry, I didn’t type fast enough. LOL! I think I posted the procedures that I use just before your post. It’s all good though. As you can tell I do not post that much because I read first to solve problems and that usually works but under these conditions, I thought I would share with DVDFab so they know we are waiting for a new release. Rather it be beta or a final version doesn’t matter.

I’m guessing from your posts that you’re using platinum v.
Why not simply revert to v. Beta? It’s what I’m using and the decrypting code is just as current as v., at least as far as I can tell.

I hope this doesn’t come across as criticsm…it’s not my intent. Frankly, I expected a new beta by now as well, but I’m certain Fengtao is busy with the fix. He’s always been very supportive of his consumer base and receptive to our suggestions. As alan said, patience is a virtue (truth be known…I’m not too virtuous myself… :bigsmile: )

Happy Holidays back atcha!

Yes, you are correct, version is what I’m using. I didn’t know about the decryption code being the same. That was why I’m still using 3040 but now I know this, I will revert to 3039 beta since it works correctly for what I use it for. Thank you for your guidence. I do love this product, let me make myself clear. I’m sorry if I offend anyone here.

Jeepers, I can’t imagine that anything you said would be perceived as offensive.
In any case, you’re most welcome… :iagree:

It’s only been about a week since fentago found there was a problem with Give him a little time to get it right.

Yes, I would have thought Fengtao would have been out with a new version by now. It will have been 2 weeks tomorrow since his last version that has a big problem where i’m at. At least post something to his users that he is doing something to fix the program. He has not made any comments on much lately. I hope he and his family are fine.

Dear all,

Since we are working on several big new features like ISO support, so it taks a little long time to release a new beta. Anyway, the good news is the beta is almost finished, and it will be out in this week, please wait.

Best Regards,

Thank you for the update and your continued support… :flower:
Platinum Rocks!

I figured that is what was happening in the background. I check into the forum everyday to see what is new with the Platinum version. I hope to purchase it soon. Fentao continues to have remarkable interaction with the users of this software. If anyone has frequented the other forums that deal with the back up of DVD’s, they would see that this kind of one to one interaction with the software developers is unparalleled.

Fengtao, thanks for the update. Just wanted to make sure you are ok. You have been a very good interaction with us users. Looking forward to you new version soon.

with3040 i’ve had no problem ripping to hard drive then using another burning program to burn to dvd+r - right now this is the only program that i can get to work on my system - maybe one day i’ll stumble accross what’s wrong on my system- maybe this will work fo someone else